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High-efficiency biomass boilers and heating systems

The research and design of innovative systems have allowed Mescoli Caldaie to develop a wide range of boilers, cookstoves and wood-fuelled heating systems capable of satisfying even the most varied needs.

The Po Valley Agreement for the improvement of air quality provides for the adoption of a classification criterion (up to 5 stars) of biomass boilers’ performance in terms of emissions and efficiency. Almost all Mescoli Caldaie’s products comply with the 4 or 5 Star classification for energy efficiency and air quality improvement. Sustainable heating is very much a reality.

Heaters, puffers and other accessories


Choose the Mescoli Package and extend your warranty

Extended warranty is valid exclusively on the boiler body through the purchase of the complete Mescoli Package and only in areas covered by a Mescoli service center. Mandatory conditions for obtaining the extended warranty:

1) You have to purchase the complete Mescoli Package including puffers and basic accessories

2) You have to carry out the 1st free test in a Mescoli assistance center. The test must prove the correct installation as per the manual supplied.

3) You have to carry out annual inspections in a Mescoli assistance center for the first 10 years. The inspection, which proves the correct operation of the system, consists of verifying the conditions of the boiler and filling in the relative document. Cleaning and ordinary maintenance work are not included.

Once the above-mentioned conditions are met, the warranty will be extended from year to year and a document duly completed and signed by the local service center will be issued to the user.


Complete systems eligible for warranty extension:

Mescoli Caldaie specifies that any variations from the reference systems such as, for example, climatic thermoregulation instead of fixed-point temperature control, relay groups for secondary lines, or larger puffers, can be agreed upon in advance with the Mescoli Caldaie Technical Department.


Since 1962, Mescoli Caldaie has been a leader in the renewable energy heating sector, producing high performance biomass boilers.

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