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An Italian 60-year success story
that warms the heart

A territory forged by metallurgical tradition and a visceral artisan vocation. Two brothers, Gianni e Sauro Mescoli, engineers and visionary installers. The economic boom of the ‘60s. Mescoli Caldaie was born in this stimulating setting in 1962 to design and produce stoves, cookstoves, and wood and combined boilers.

The two brothers were among the first to develop wood cookstoves and reverse flame boilers with longer autonomy and lower emissions, which marked the transition from installation in a domestic environment to installation in a technical room. Wood, which is a renewable and cost-saving fuel, represented a valid alternative for private heating at a time when diesel oil was the most used fuel.

Innovation, sustainability and research have also characterized the following decades, which saw the production of new models such as Gaselle, reverse flame boilers designed in the early ‘80s to be reliable, robust and safe.


At the dawn of the 2000s, pellets were introduced: similar to wood in terms of efficiency but, when used in synergy with electronics, allowing Mescoli products the possibility of automatic loading and extended autonomy. A novelty triggered by an international path. During the ‘90s, Gianni and Sauro Mescoli collaborated with a team of Swedish researchers, who were particularly satisfied with Mescoli’s heating systems and interested in developing further solutions. This was a great source of pride for the two brothers, especially since the Italian community was very demanding at the time. The synergy between the two teams led to technological improvements and significant innovations which expanded the range of accessories and combined systems produced by Mescoli Caldaie: namely, the introduction of an accumulator to absorb the energy produced and the integration of a burner suitable pellet boilers.

Once again, Mescoli Caldaie stands out as a pioneer in the field of solid fuel heating and was among the first companies in Italy to produce – thanks to the burner developed together with the Swedish team – boilers powered by pellets. Looking ahead to sow near.

Behind an intangible zeal, there is a concrete story made of productive contaminations, far-sighted visions and skilled craftsmen.

A path faithful to its mission, which has not surrendered to gaseous solutions with high environmental impact and has instead decided to produce environmentally-friendly and high-performance biomass boilers and systems. This approach has made Mescoli Caldaie one of Europe’s leading companies in the renewable energy heating industry.

Today, the fire of innovation continues to burn, fueling the study and development of smart and sustainable solutions for conscious heating for both humans and the environment.


Why choose pellet and wood heating systems


Pellets are an environment-friendly fuel and a renewable energy source, which means they are a viable alternative to traditional heating sources. Obtained from dried sawdust, pellets are one of the most widely used biomasses due to:

  • Minimal presence of residual moisture (which determines a high calorific value)
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Residual ashes that can be used as fertilizer
  • Simplicity of storage and management


Wood is a renewable source that regenerates continuously through the rational and sustainable use of wooded areas. Here is why a wood-fired system is an ecological choice:

  • Modern boilers ensure optimal combustion and less pollution
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • The processing, transport and storage of wood involve minimum environmental threats
  • Short supply chain

Power the energy revolution, choose wood-fuelled heating.


Tax incentives: the advantages for you and the environment

Improve energy performance and reduce consumption costs

Recover a part of your investments

Opt for conscious heating and contribute to the well-being of your country and the planet

Choose a biomass boiler and get tax deductions and incentives up to 50%. The 2022 Italian Budget Law (for year 2022, 2023 and 2024) has extended the deadlines for the reservation of Ecobonus (for the energy efficiency upgrade of buildings) also on the purchase of biomass boilers, as well as the deadlines for the reservation of Bonus Casa (tax deductions for home improvements). The latter gives Italian citizens access to two different incentives: the Conto Termico (literally, the “Thermal Account”) and tax deductions – the two offers are not combinable.

The Conto Termico is a cash contribution granted for the purchase of biomass boilers that meet particular requirements and are installed to replace certain types of existing heating systems that are obsolete or underperforming. On the contrary, tax deductions allow citizens to recover 50% of the investment made for the purchase of a biomass boiler (as long as the work carried out is part of an energy-saving project or a building renovation).

The MESCOLI boilers are eligible for tax relief of up to 50%. However, we recommend you consult a qualified technician to make sure that the conditions necessary to access these deductions are met. In this regard, we also recommend you check for any updates of the guidelines present on the website of the income revenue authority (Agenzia delle Entrate).


Since 1962, Mescoli Caldaie has been a leader in the renewable energy heating sector, producing high performance biomass boilers.

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