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“GEVOSOL 23” solar collectors ensure high a energy saving guaranteed by solar energy. “GEVOSOL 23” collectors may be used to supplement the production of Domestic Hot Water. The central heating power may be integrated by means of technical storage devices and low temperature central heating systems.

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“TOPSOL 22” solar collectors offer all the advantages of the model installed on roof tiles but are the ideal solution for roof assembly. An innovative mounting system and specifically designed accessories ensure easy installation.

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Glass: 4 mm hail-resistant anti-glare solar glass with low iron content.
Frame: double-wall pulverised aluminium profiles.
Absorber plate: single copper plate with high-selectivity coating. Absorption 95%, emissions 5 %
Lateral Insulation: 20 mm in mineral wool which does not produce gas in the case of high temperatures.
Back Insulation: 50 mm in mineral wool which does not produce gas in the case of high temperatures.
Gaskets: high quality EPDM rubber gaskets with 3 permeability layers.
Back wall: aluminium sheet plate resistant to sea water.
Connections: red brass double metal seal gaskets and Viton® rubber ring. The two connections are installed on the top of the panel: input (exchanger return) on the left 1” male output (exchanger delivery) on the right 1” sliding nut.


The “ESR31” is a differential regulator especially designed for easy assembly and use. The wide regulation range permits numerous applications including solar power plants for domestic hot water and swimming pools, water heater loading, operation of fans, burner supply by means of lock circuit-breakers, operation of air adjusters of geothermal power collectors by means of temperature slots and similar.

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The “UVR67” unit has different functions to adjust thermostats, temperature differences and the number of revs and may be used with solar and central heating systems. To activate the required adjustment function simply set the relevant programme number.

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The solar control unit “ESR 31-R / 1 CIRCUITO” includes the following functions:

  • Separate adjustment of all activation and deactivation points;
  • Spacious panoramic display with all value symbols;
  • Status display for immediate identification of anomalous situations;
  • Start up function of the solar power plant;
  • Pump shutdown in the case of high collector temperatures;
  • Anti-freeze function;
  • Calorimeter;
  • Data line (for temperature analysis on PC by means of D-LOGGUSB or BL-NET);
  • Speed control of high efficiency pumps via control output PWM / 0-10 V;
  • Use of KTY type (2 kΩ) or PT1000 temperature sensors;
  • Over-voltage protection on all inputs;
  • Easy and assembly and use.

The solar control unit “UVR 67” includes the following functions:

  • 6 sensor inputs;
  • 5 relay outputs;
  • 2 0-10 Volt analogical outputs switchable to PWM signal;
  • Interfaces: DL bus, CAN bus, Micro SD Card.
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