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From 22kW up to 26kW. The new GASELLE ECO COMBI range: Reliable, Ecological and Compact.

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The new GASELLE ECO COMBI LP range is the latest model of reverse flame gasification boiler with the best value for money!

The Combi Wood/Pellet version ensures continuous running since the two fuels may be used alternatively simply by pushing a button on the electronic control unit. Mescoli Caldaie has created a kit that allows you to transform the already installed machines of this series into wood/pellets. Switching from wood to pellet mode is fully automatic!


Considering the high yield of the ECO range and the introduction of a specific (UNI EN 303-5) directive, it was necessary to install a puffer in the boiler.

The puffer ensures:

●      A higher yield (reduced consumption);

●      Low emissions;

●      Long life of the boiler;

●      Major autonomy and comfort;

●      Easy integration with other energy sources such as solar collectors;

●      Use with low temperature systems, with independent temperature of the wood boiler.

Discover the rest of the line of combined wood / pellet boilers.

Gaselle Evo Combi, Gaselle Eco Lp, Gaselle Evo Pred. Lp

Since 1962, Mescoli Caldaie has been a leader in the renewable energy heating sector, producing high performance biomass boilers.

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