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The “IC 740” mixer is the most efficient and reliable automatic separator of micro-bubbles available on the market and is especially designed for heating and cooling applications. This mixer reduces the formation of air bubbles in piping drastically, preventing malfunctioning caused by air in circulating units.

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The “LK 551 HYDROMIX” Ø 3/4″ F is designed especially for domestic hot water systems. The valves in this serious are also suitable for small floor heating systems in view of the operating temperature range.

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The TERMOVAR LK 810 ECO 2.0 is a compact loading unit used to connect any type of biomass heater to a heat storage system (Puffer). The TERMOVAR LK 810 ECO 2.0 loading unit permits the heater to reach the ideal operating temperature quickly and efficiently. The system ensures a constantly high temperature even on the boiler return, thus preventing condensate and extending the life of the boiler.

The TERMOVAR LK 810 ECO 2.0 and an efficient heat storage system, permits wood boilers to burn one or more consecutive fuel loads continuously at a constant temperature. This not only optimises efficiency but also drastically reduces the emission of polluting substances. A check valve on the filling unit opens to permit natural circulation to the Puffer while preventing circulation from the accumulator to the heater. The filling unit requires very little maintenance. All the components may be replaced easily without discharging the system.

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The LK 823 series 3-way thermal mixer is designed to protect boilers from excessively low return temperatures. A constantly high return temperature ensures major efficiency, reducing the formation of residues and extending the life of the boiler. The LK 823 mixer is used in heating applications with tanks supplied by pellet-type solid fuel.

Sizes available:
● Connections FF Ø 1″ KVS 9 – fix return temperature 55°C
● Connections FF Ø 1″¼ KVS 12 – fix return temperature 55°C

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