GEOBOX BAG Indoor storage

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Pellet drawing with an intake system


The GEObox BAG is the standard solution for filling manually for basement rooms where the connection with the boiler will be made via a vacuum suction system, an angled screw conveyor or a coreless worm screw.

Characteristics: filling with pellet bags, galvanised, height adjustable steel frame, galvanised steel cone, silo made of high-strength, antistatic plastic material – top side open, mounting material, possibility to upgrade via retrofit kit to a GEObox with automatic filling

Technical data GEObox BAG

Type no.


Storage quantity



GEObox BAG 12

up to 1,3 m3

up to 830 kg*

136 cm

120 x 120 cm

GEObox BAG 17

up to 2,3 m3

up to 1500 kg*

136 cm

170 x 170 cm

GEObox BAG 21

up to 3,2 m3

up to 2100 kg*

136 cm

210 x 210 cm

GEObox BAG 25

up to 4,6 m3

up to 3000 kg*

136 cm

250 x 250 cm

* standard values