For powers from 24 to 80 kW (wood) - from 18 to 45 kW (pellet)


The new Hi-TECH range represents a development of the wood gasification process that has been applied for years on our home heating boilers. Gasification makes it possible to better exploit the calorific power of wood with minimal polluting fumes. Wood is placed in a chamber which houses a large ember bed; the chamber is then sealed forcing the wood to produce gas which burns when it mixes with air introduced in the gasification chamber by a fan.
Considering the high yield of the Hi-TECH range and the introduction of a specific (UNI EN 303-5) directive, it was necessary to install a puffer in the boiler.
The puffer ensures:
  • A higher yield (reduced consumption);
  • Low emissions;
  • Long life of the boiler;
  • Major autonomy and comfort;
  • Easy integration with other energy sources such as solar collectors;
  • Use with low temperature systems, with independent temperature of the wood boiler.

The Combi Wood/Pellet version ensures continuous running since the two fuels may be used alternatively simply by pushing a button on the electronic control unit. A dedicated furnace was introduced exclusively for pellets from the “29 kW” version in order to guarantee high efficiency and a potential close to that of wood mode. Switching from wood to pellet mode is fully automatic!

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